History and Milestones

The origin of the company dates back to 1939 when China was suffering from immense social unrest and political turmoil. Today, China is widely recognised as a superpower while Hong Kong, the birthplace of Hsin Chong, has transformed itself from a small fishing village to become one of the world's most prominent financial centers and an international metropolis.

Over the past century Hsin Chong has also matured and prospered in parallel with the territory.

The Residence of the Colonial Secretary - Victoria House

One of the notable projects built by Hsin Chong was the residence of the Colonial Secretary - Victoria House.

Sir Robert Brown Black, Colonial Secretary at that time, wrote a testimonial declaring that 'the residence of the Colonial Secretary is in a most satisfactory manner... their work throughout has been of a very high standard'.

The Residence of the Colonial Secretary - Victoria House
Hsin Chong & Company

Hsin Chong means 'prosperity'. The Hsin Chong Group was known as Hsin Chong & Company when it was conceived as a sole proprietorship operated by the late Mr. Kan-Nee Godfrey Yeh in 1939.

Mr. Yen as already a successful builder in China at that time. One of his major contributions was bringing along a few hundred craftsmen from the Chinese Mainland as skilled construction workers were in short supply in Hong Kong. The enthusiastic attitude and punctilious manners exemplified by Mr. Yeh laid a solid foundation for the Group.

In those days when there were not any tower cranes in Hong Kong, Hsin Chong built a series of four-storey apartment blocks in North Point and a series of seven-storey apartment blocks on MacDonnell Road.