History and Milestones

The origin of the company dates back to 1939 when China was suffering from immense social unrest and political turmoil. Today, China is widely recognised as a superpower while Hong Kong, the birthplace of Hsin Chong, has transformed itself from a small fishing village to become one of the world's most prominent financial centers and an international metropolis.

Over the past century Hsin Chong has also matured and prospered in parallel with the territory.

Mei Foo Sun Chuen

Mei Foo Sun Chuen was one of the company's landmark projects in 70s. As a contractor, Hsin Chong constructed 44 residential towers with approximately 5,900 units. Mei Foo Sun Chuen was one of the world's largest residential projects at that time.

Mei Foo Sun Chuen
Kai Tak Airport Passenger Terminal

Hsin Chong built the Kai Tak Airport Passenger Terminal, followed by the Air Cargo Terminal Building in 1976.

Kai Tak Airport Passenger Terminal
Plover Cove Water Scheme

Early in the 60s, Hsin Chong participated in civil engineering project and was commissioned to construct tunnels and shafts for the Plover Cove Water Scheme.