To Our Industry

Corporate social responsibility has been a part of Hsin Chong since the company's inception in 1939. Hsin Chong holds true and firm to this commitment. The board, senior management and staff of Hsin Chong are committed to the highest ethical standards and conducting our business in a way that benefits all stakeholders, the local community and society at large.

Corporate Governance, Safety and Health, Caring for the Environment, Caring for Our People and Caring for the Community are the five key principles of Hsin Chong's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. 

Safety and Health

Hsin Chong commits to providing a safe and healthy working environment to our stakeholders, colleagues and subcontractors. We implement and properly manage an occupational health and safety system which has been certified to attain OHSAS 18001 standards. Our prime objective is not only to achieve full compliance of relevant health and safety legislation and contractual requirements, but also to adopt viable and progressive practices initiated by the construction industry. We select responsible suppliers and subcontractors who are willing to work in line with our concept of managing health and safety at work. In addition, we provide all necessary safety trainings to our colleagues and subcontractors and also render support for them in discharging their daily duties and responsibilities. Construction Safety Supervisor Course has been arranged regularly in order to meet the demand for safety professionals at the project sites.  To further raise staff awareness on safety issues, a Safety Practice Handbook has been published and distributed to relevant colleagues.

Occupational health and safety is our top priority. Hsin Chong will continue to manage and uplift our health and safety performance through regular reviews and continual improvements.

Environmental Management

Hsin Chong recognises the importance of protecting our world against global warming. We continue to develop and improve our environmental management practices so as to minimise waste and maximise efficiencies. Our corporate environmental management system has been certified to comply with the ISO 14001 international standard to minimise negative impact to the environment, and to continue to improve our environmental standards and performance.

At Hsin Chong, you can find a number of green initiatives being carried out in our construction sites to reduce carbon emissions. We have set up a thorough and comprehensive carbon reduction plan throughout the design and construction stage, ranging from project planning, procurement and material usage, on-site construction, management of sub-contractors to materials recycling and reuse. Besides, we continue to inspire and work with our clients, partners, sub-contractors and suppliers for a greener environment. To enhance our competitive edge, a Health, Safety & Environmental Performance Award Scheme has been launched to encourage continual improvement in occupational safety and health, environmental protection and hygiene at sites.

We are well on the way and our efforts will continue to benefit our industry, our global environment and our future generation.